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snow day lunch


Since Madigan has been home 8 of the last 10 school days, she has been getting tomato soup and grilled cheese.  But she likes the grilled cheese cut up into little croutons to toss in the soup.


Another round of snow, just to make it look pretty

We got another couple of inches of light fluffy snow.  This is the butterfly bush all covered in snow.IMG_7015

The chickens are still pretty far out there, this is the walk today.


Just for the lovely factor, the trees in the front yard.


Knitting for Nacho


With the cold temps and snow days, we have been in the house more this week.  I have been trying to get this blanket done before the baby who I call Nacho Jazz Butcher arrives in March.


Time to shovel…er…wovel.

We wanted to get out and try out Boomer’s christmas present the wovel.IMG_6958 IMG_6959“So easy even a woman can use it!”  Direct quote from old men driving by.

IMG_6960 IMG_6962

Last year it took us about 3 hours total to clear the driveway.  With the Wovel it was less than an hour.  Great present, thanks again Jerry and Luanne!


it’s gonna be a long day.  We have to make it back down the road to dig my car out since I couldn’t make it up the curvry hilly part.  I resigned myself to having to walk the two miles home in the snow, but as I got up to the top of the dangerous part my husband was walking towards me, with the car running on the flat part of the road.  He’s a good man!



Chickens weren’t happy about the snow.










Halloween, a gateway drug to CosPlay

People dressing up in costume as their favorite characters=cosplay…costume play.


For this first Anime con Madigan asked to be Envy from FMAB.  We got some pictures with other Cosplayers from FMAB…


and from another fandom Hetalia!IMG_6933

The star of the event the voice of Edward Elric–Vic Mignogna!


Cosplay, it might be our new thing.

Oh the places you’ll go–without me

This weekend at the Anime con I saw my near future. We were one of a handful of parents there, since our daughter was on the young side of attendees.  I felt old and out of place, tired and interested in the topics and entertainment only as a visitor, not a participant.  As much as I want to be into everything and there with Madigan, that’s not how it works.

The world and all that it has to offer, is hers to discover, with out me/us.  (Let that sink in)

It hit me like a brick when the kids were singing karaoke, in a 1 hour time span I only knew 2 songs, one was a creepy cover of an 80s song.  At one point, when something happened the kids started the “one of us” chant.  I know the reference comes from a black and white movie called Freaks.  But theses kids know it as South Park reference.  I was half offended that these 20 and unders didn’t know the history of this quote, where it came from and that it’s not a a funny cartoon reference but a dark pivotal point in a movie older than me …BUT for them it is a South Park reference.  And there it is.  

Music, art, comedy, love, passion all these thing that we over 20 folks have discovered and owned forEVER is brand new to them. They haven’t had catch phrases that mean something to them, inside jokes, songs that speak to their soul, loves of their lives, ownership of their own interests vs just doing what your parents will allow, discovering a band no one else knows about…she is standing right there, toes touch the line.  I remember when it happening to me, unaware what it meant when I was there, but I remember the breaking away.

Madigan is going to discover a band that rocks so hard, or has a dreamy guitarist, or  funny clever lyrics. This will be all she talks about, and she will be convinced that no band HAS EVER ROCKED IRREVERENTLY or BEEN AS DREAMY or AS FUNNY AND CLEVER as this band she discovered…(squeeeeeee).  But they have, I could give her examples because I discovered the Sex Pistols, Duran Duran and the Dead Milkmen.  In fact I could give her examples for each decade.  I could, but I won’t.  Because she deserves this, the feeling of discovering the best band, book, art, food, friend, spouse…she gets that win without her parents.

She hasn’t said it, but I know it will be thought or said, and I will paraphrase.  I will never be able to understand her love of whatever thing she loves so deeply, because when it first happens to you, it feels so unique, it’s all you and only you can understand the depth of that love.  I am excited for her to experience that, but I know it’s a solo act.

I am not sure I am prepared for this, but I hope we are kind to each other, understanding and considerate.

No more TV

I just finished watching the last episode of Parenthood. It’s the last show that I made sure I kept up with. I am not a binge watcher. We don’t have cable or a DVR. If we subscribe to Netflix it’s because of a documentary we want to watch. I like watching the Today show in the morning, just to hate on Savannah Guthrie and catch up on the news. QVC has a cooking show on Sunday that we watch to avoid the sports, but for the most part the TV is just a box in the living room.

I feel good about having no shows, no more TV to watch. Let’s read a good book or knit!