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so much…just…SO MUCH

This year seems to be action packed.  There is so much going on.  Making costumes for Madigan, knitting for babies, new chickens, old chickens, a new adventure that will involve all three of us doing what we want/love to do.  (deep breath)

I wake up in the middle of the night, with a thought of how I am going to make the crazy striped leggings for Madigan’s next costume?  If the grey is going to be too dark for the nursery on the next baby blanket? How soon can we process the meat birds? Should I start my garden with seeds only or buy plants at the farmers market?  My thoughts seem to be racing with excitement over my life, not the life I hope to have but the life I have.

Maybe this is what people call a passion for life.  Being excited about all the things you are doing , regular life stuff, doing them because you really want to, not because you have to.  My job, more specifically, the hours I work, allow me to use my time off to get stuff done.

A by product of this, I am loving  my family.  Yes, I love my kid and my husband, but we have a new spark a new excitment.  I miss them when we are all off doing our solo work, and when we are together we are having fun working together.  (deep breath)


Week 3 with the new birds


you can see the difference in the birds legs IMG_7192

and you can see how the breast is bigger for more meat.

IMG_7205 IMG_7202

See the difference?

IMG_7207 IMG_7206

Can’t wait to see how these two new type of birds look when they are all grown up.  Loving how the black giants look.

Busy weekend

We enjoyed the anime convention in Roanoke and decided to go to another in Johnson City Tennessee.  It was a busy week, with Nate being born and driving over to meet him on St. Patrick’s day, I was still working on the costume Friday when we left.


We put the BIG birds in the garden fence pen.


The little birds went in the transitional brooder.  IMG_7120

We got to the con early-ish, Madigan got into her Envy costume. We hung out, got some pictures and hung out at the “dance”  (it was music, and people, and lights, but no dancing).


It was a small convention, so we called it an early night.


Saturday, she was France from Hetalia!

IMG_7134 IMG_7136 IMG_7173 IMG_7177

She met up with some other kids dressed as other countries in the Hetalia series.  They joined the costume contest, won for best group.


We hung out for the rest of the weekend. Had the best gluten free pizza EVER at Cootie Browns.  Enjoyed the closing ceremony.  Driving home, Madigan still wanted to wear her wig.


Not sure when we will make it to another convention, but for now, I need to clean up after this last costume.

IMG_7189 IMG_7190

Next project for me will be making garment bags for the different costumes.

Happy St Patrick’s day–expect a crap-ton of pictures!

Today I drive to Tennessee to meet my new great nephew.  (Today he will become who he really is, but in my heart, always Nacho Jazz Butcher)  I love my ever expanding family in so many ways!

It’s also my 1 year anniversary at CVS.  Feeling good about my job, still really liking it and look forward to the next year working.

Another St, Patrick’s baby turns 18 today and that is amazing.

So ends the dreaded “10 days in March.”  (still trying to write the post about the “10 days in March”)

Just because


I am certain I would never use these, I just like having them.  I have seen the purple ones with food in them, and the food looks off color, like it’s canned in some sort of brackish water.