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Put some seeds in the ground

Every year we have been in the house I have done a mix of seeds and plants from the farmers market for our garden, this year (as of today) I have decided we are going all seed.

Today I put cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts seeds in the ground.  Also starting tomato, pepper, cucumbers, squash, zucchini in the sun room.  If I am too late, we will do it differently next year.

I am trying to work the garden in seasons.  Ideally I will have spring/fall areas and then the rest for summer.

Asparagus, still on hold till I can get my perfectly clear weed and rock free space.

That’s one big breast!

We had our first “homegrown” meat bird dinner.  I am convinced that our chicken won’t taste as good at Bramble Hollow chicken because they are on pasture and use non GMO feed.  Our meat birds were in a brooder and got regular chickenfeed from Southern States.  They grew fast, and got BIG.



It was too much food.  Normally I go light on the meat, more veggies and sides, but we have more birds in the freezer, chicken season is starting next weekend, so we aren’t going to run out.  It was chicken. I am convinced that our birds taste different, so I am using our birds with sauces, so even if they aren’t as flavorful as the birds we are used to we won’t notice.  I have plans for jerk chicken, a honey garlic crock pot recipe, and of course, WINGS.

Hello old friend

IMG_7347 IMG_7350

Haven’t come across a panda express since Spokane, so Madigan and I indulged in Daytona Beach, while Boomer got Chipotle.  Road trip car picnic.

Chicken processing day

We had to come up with our own set up for chicken day–IMG_7335 We picked up a counter top from Habitat Restore $10 bucks, had the saw horses and tarp.


Boomer got this turkey fryer as an early birthday present from my mom–the scalder.

IMG_7339 IMG_7341

Cone, bucket and drill plucker he got for his birthday last year.

IMG_7340 IMG_7342

So the only major hiccup, the cone couldn’t accommodate the short fat birds.  The scalder worked, doing one bird at a time.


The plucker worked okay, we had to do more hand plucking than we are used to.


Old cooler with ice re purposed into a chill tank.


All that was left was putting them in the freezer and cleaning up the feathers.

more details on mystery plant/bush


This plant did little to nothing last year, it had leaves and looked nice, but nothing else.  This year we have these.IMG_7305 IMG_7306

Still no idea what kind of plant it is, what these little buds will bloom into.  Only time will tell.

trying to make the brooder better


we had a nice day monday and the brooder needed to be cleaned out, so the birds got to go outside.  Boomer was working and I grabbed up the birds.  Two things, the meat birds feel heavy, so we might be processing sooner rather than later, and there is one nice curious little bird.  She was happy to be picked up and didn’t squirm and fuss when I was holding her.

We are still learning.  We make things thinking it will be awesome then the birds point out the problems.  This brooder we are using was suppose to be for the weeks before getting the two flocks together, safe place for the new birds, old birds can get comfortable with them without being able to tear them apart feather by feather.  The problem is it’s open for the birds to kick out all the bedding.  I was looking at crib bumpers and thought, I can try to come up with something for the brooder.  No cardboard box is safe in my house.

IMG_7299 IMG_7301 It’s working, but those little birds are curious and have knocked down a panel or two.  No matter, the meat birds are short on days and once they are gone, we can make another adjustment.

Another lesson learned, we aren’t going to get meat birds again when it is still cold.  I would have less of a problem if they were outside on pasture, but having them confined to a brooder with a light for warmth is a bit much.  If there is a next time, we will wait till May to get them.

Live and Learn!