Chicken processing day

We had to come up with our own set up for chicken day–IMG_7335 We picked up a counter top from Habitat Restore $10 bucks, had the saw horses and tarp.


Boomer got this turkey fryer as an early birthday present from my mom–the scalder.

IMG_7339 IMG_7341

Cone, bucket and drill plucker he got for his birthday last year.

IMG_7340 IMG_7342

So the only major hiccup, the cone couldn’t accommodate the short fat birds. ┬áThe scalder worked, doing one bird at a time.


The plucker worked okay, we had to do more hand plucking than we are used to.


Old cooler with ice re purposed into a chill tank.


All that was left was putting them in the freezer and cleaning up the feathers.