That’s one big breast!

We had our first “homegrown” meat bird dinner.  I am convinced that our chicken won’t taste as good at Bramble Hollow chicken because they are on pasture and use non GMO feed.  Our meat birds were in a brooder and got regular chickenfeed from Southern States.  They grew fast, and got BIG.



It was too much food.  Normally I go light on the meat, more veggies and sides, but we have more birds in the freezer, chicken season is starting next weekend, so we aren’t going to run out.  It was chicken. I am convinced that our birds taste different, so I am using our birds with sauces, so even if they aren’t as flavorful as the birds we are used to we won’t notice.  I have plans for jerk chicken, a honey garlic crock pot recipe, and of course, WINGS.