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Chickens–oh how I love you

This the old flock-2 Two year old RIR, 1 One year old RIR, 2 Two year old Barred Rock, 1 One year old barred rock.  The 1 year old BR is a bit of a bully, so she might become a stewing hen.IMG_7465

This is the new flock…2 Black Giants, and 2 Colombian Rock (we think…got them at a feed store with a few different breeds in it)  The black one that is sitting down refer to as cause the very tip of one wing feather is white.  The other black one is dead eyes, cause they are SOLID black. It was either dead eyes or Jim Lehrer.



Better than coffee for waking up


I got this picture after dry heaving for 10 minutes while waiting for Boomer to call me to tell me what to do.  I first discovered his gross guy when I put my hand 5 inches from his face to put feed down for the chickens.

I was too afraid to scare him off by myself.  I had Boomer call our neighbor to come out with a gun.  He had a gun, a rake and a stick.  He ran him off…still makes me want to puke.

Merging the two sets of birds

After 10 days or so of the little birds being out in the yard in the brooder to help the old birds get comfortable with the little birds, we decided to let them out and merge the two.




The welcome wagon went easy on the little ones while we were out there.



One of the birds seemed to have spend too much time with the cornish cross.


When we went out to put the birds up for the night, We didn’t know what to expect, but were happily surprised when we got out there, the little birds were in the coop.

I love this time of year

Planning and planting, digging and doing.  It’s work that may or may not pay off, but we do it anyway.

Each year I learn something new, try something different and hope for the best.

Some years the plants aren’t hardened off and the first day of real heat they wither, but then they come back.

Squash bug and aphids, last year saw one of those super creepy caterpillars with all white babies hanging off her back.  Giant praying mantis’ and a mama bunny feeding her babies.  I have enjoyed having a yard with room to garden.  Do I wish it was easier on the back?  Yes!  Do I sometimes think how bad could Seven really be, I mean it has to be safe right?  What I do, is keep trying.  If they bugs get the watermellon, well they probably needed it more than I do.  If they tomato plants get moldy I need to plant them further apart.

It’s a fresh start, every year, and if I screw it up this year ROYALLY, I can do it different next year, or next season.  I love this time of year!

garden notes

I flip flopped the squash and cucumbers. Planted pickling, slicers and zucchini.  Also planted flowers along the tree line.  Started herbs in the egg cartons.  And found some volunteer tomato plants so will leave them where they are for now.

All the cabbage,broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are starting to pop thru.  Hope I wasn’t too late on planting.  We shall see.


Look at this!

IMG_7416 IMG_7417

We had a couple…very spicy.  I dipped one in sugar like my gramma wouldm it was okay.  Need to come up with something to do with them.

Happy Mother’s day again

Last year I got a bleeding heart plant, which I thought I killed over the winter, but it came back!


The buds/flowers are starting and we might see those lovely little hearts soon!