Monthly Archives: May 2015

New addition to the kitchen

I have wanted a dutch oven for a while but haven’t felt like it was a NEED.  When my mom started making homemade bread in one, the want moved up a little higher on the list.  So for an early birthday present this arrived on our doorstep!



Thanks mom, it’s perfect, not to big, not too small.  Pretty and useful.  I can’t wait to figure out all the the things I can make in it.

Could become my favorite cooking vessel.

Getting the little birds out with the big birds

We took the little birds out to the chicken yard today.  We are going to leave them in the brooder for their own safety.  Those big birds will establish the pecking order quick enough.  I just want to get them comfortable with some safety.





One of the white birds acts differently than the others, so maybe a rooster?

Another chicken day

Our spring, summer and early fall seem to be peppered with visiting to Bramble Hollow Farm for chicken days.  We love helping process the food we eat, but mostly we like hanging out with our friends.


Seeing the new animals

IMG_7360 IMG_7363

With all that goes on at the farm, the craziness of chicken day and putting on an awesome family meal, there is still time for the heart of this place to have a moment together.