doing grandma-ish stuff

I have a friend at work who’s daughter is into princesses.  The little one LIVES in these dresses.  And on occasion they need mending.  A seam here or there, a zipper breaks, her mom brings me the dress and I fix it since she never learned how to sew.


I love that I get to do the grandma-ish stuff, stuff my mom would do for Madigan and I if we lived closer, for people I care about.  It makes me so happy helping out where and how I can.  I feel lucky and fortunate to have the people I do in my life. Miss Maddy will be back to being royalty by the end of the day!

I have been trying to put my feelings into a pithy catch phrase…so here it is- Focusing on the good relationships I have and not dwelling on the broken ones I have lost.