The Professor’s poppers

Again, with talking about the farmer’s at the market.  Yes!  Every year we get as many peppers from the Professors Garden as we can.  The peppers in the pepper and onion relish I make is almost all peppers from the professor.  Everything they grow is wonderful.  One year Madigan and I did a fancy tomato tasting at our house with the wide variety of tomatoes they have.  This post is about peppers.  I like to get to the market early and get as many, if not all of the jalapenos I can find.  Sometimes it is just a few, one year, when it was a good crop I was able to get like 5 pounds.  I love making poppers.

Here’s how I do it.  First I put on gloves, cause you never know how hot they are going to be.  I slice them in half, pull out the seeds and remove the veins (If you like it hot and playing popper Russian roulette skip this step).  In a bowl mix softened cream cheese, finely chopped onions and cheddar cheese.  I like my mix closer to the cheddar color vs the cream cheese color.  I then scoop the mix into the peppers.  Use non stick foil or spray  the pan.  I top with more shredded cheddar.  Sometimes I do bread crumbs, but didn’t want to run to the basement to get the GF breadcrumbs out of the freezer.


I bake them in a 385-ish oven for about 20 min.  (I say 385 ish because I sometime cook stuff before and after so I mostly set the oven for what the main dish will be–it’s hard to mess these poppers up)  When they start looking like this they are done.IMG_1655

Some of the cheese burns a bit, but who doesn’t love a little crispy cheese!  I will eat these until that last pepper is picked!


I love finding items at the market and making meal plans around what is available.  We can’t always to that, and in January I am sick to death of winter squash, but the seasons change quick enough to never really get tired of eating with the seasons.