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Brooderfest 2015

image This is was everybody…the strong, brave, hearty folks who showed up knowing it was gonna be cold.  Madigan mostly hung out under a pile of jackets.imageimage

My favorite picture of the day, a calf.  If you want to see all the pictures from Brooderfest 2015 you can go to and click the link for Facebook.  Give us a like, comment, or copy the picture of the cow to your newsfeed, it really is a good looking animal!


May 2010 vs Oct 2015

this was on our move back to Roanoke in a Cracker Barrell somewhere between Washington State and Virginia.


This is on our way back from Chicago this month.  Boomer says it all the time, the math adds up, but time sure does fly.


Wind turbines in Indiana

We saw the at night, with their slowly flashing lights and were mesmerized.  Driving back thru with the blades spinning was equally hypnotizing.



image What I love about this last one….sun and moon in the same shot.  Wished I had my real camera in the car and not just the iPad.






My mom

It was a great visit despite all the rain.  Two of my favorite people Mom and Madigan had a great time together.  It had been a while since she has spend more than a few days with us.  We ate a lot.  I gained about 10 lbs.  she made extra of everything to load our freezers with pork roast and homemade chicken and noodles.  She made gluten free cookies for Boomer.

I will see her more this year than I have in years, With one more quick visit Thanksgiving weekend, with a bonus of two Aunts, a sister, nephew and grandniece.