Happy New Year!

We I have been missing in action here on the blog.  Middle of 2015 we decided to start a little business, and as it happens with us, we go all in.  It takes over all of our down time.  Mix that with our failed garden and a chicken attack blogging became hard.  I dreaded trying to come up with something to talk about.  Lacking creativity just posting pictures of chickens.  Everything else seemed easier and more fun than blogging.

Here we are 2016, seed catalogs on my end table, a catalog from McMurry Hatchery and my best intentions.  When gardening is good, there is plenty to talk and post about.  You know I love taking pictures of seedlings. Farmers Markets start back up  in April, that’s sure to inspire a couple posts a month.  Baby chicks in march.  Chicken days at Bramble Hollow. I will have reasons to post here, and plan to do my best to keep up with the blog.

Here’s to 2016–the year of good intentions.