Monthly Archives: February 2016

Sometimes we need help

Since we don’t have a chainsaw, we have to ask for help when it comes to trees.  Boomer’s dad came over yesterday to help cut up the HUGE limb that fell from the neighbors tree.  We waited for them to come over and take care of it, but they didn’t.   I think I am going to use these to make a new raised bed in the front yard.


Also, the well cover that was here when we bought the house had seen better days, and Jerry made us a new one.  It’s heavier and sturdier than the other one and is much better looking.  It is also the right size so when boomer mows around it the cutting deck won’t bang into it!


Thankful for family!

Our chickens 2/16


Chicken decisions are being made in the nest few weeks.  Meat Birds?  New Layers?  3? 6? 9?  What if we get a rooster?  Blah blah blah…stay tuned!

Our Vegan/Vegetarian month continues

Some of the food I have been making, not missing out on flavor.

IMG_8700 IMG_8703

I forget how much I love roasted Brussel sprouts.


For chinese new year I made General Tso Tofu…not bad, I just put in too much ginger.


The snow is almost gone

With a few warm days the inches of snow has all but melted into the record books.  The groundhog says to expect an early spring, which means seeds, planting and maybe a baby chick or 2. With high school starting for our girl in the fall, there is lots of talk of AP classes, gov school and picking majors.  At 14 she shouldn’t have to decide what her career path should be, but they sure do make it seems like you have to know RIGHT NOW.  We are more of a watch and wait family.  See what bubbles out of her as her life’s mission.  We have an anime convention this weekend, once that is over we will get back to real life…sort of.