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IMG_8797Not that I love radishes, but love that they grow so fast.  A few more nice days and we might have more veggies sprouting up!

Signs of spring

My mother’s day present a few years ago was a bleeding heart plant.  A sure sign of spring is this beauty coming back to life.  IMG_8774

This is the lilac bush just outside our door.  It started blooming last year and I look forward to the lovely blooms.IMG_8775

Apparently a bird must die first week of March

My favorite hen got attacked and died yesterday, almost two years to the day of Floppy getting attacked.  I didn’t know country dogs kept calendars and to do lists…hit up the chicken yard and kill owners favorite bird.

IMG_1454We are down to 4 birds.


Thankful Boomer put up the supplemental fence, not sure how she got out of there but she did.

IMG_8758Another day with a yard fill of feathers.


I inspectedIMG_8759 the fence, and we have lots of damage from yesterday.

IMG_8754We are in negotiations now to decide if we are going to hold off on new birds.  I am in the mindset that I won’t have birds if we have to keep them cooped up and in a pen ALL THE TIME.  Boomer wants to make sure they stay safe and that means limiting them to a small space.


we have had a total of 18 hens and 6 meat birds

6  the first year

2 donated from Brent and Anna

6 the next year (plus 6 meat birds)

4 last year

We are down to 4 One of the donated birds, 1 from our batch the 2nd year, and 2 left from last year.

getting ready for spring

IMG_8745We have the brooder tank in the bigger brooder to prevent escapes.


Hopeful this will help me start my seeds and get some decent plants this year.