My favorite way to spend my money

We work on budgets and our spending this time of year, with the new year, with taxes, with just seeing what we have to work with.  In looking at our finances and where our money goes there is really only one place where I am happy with the whole transaction start to finish…Bramble Hollow.

I never feel like it is wasteful or excessive.  We don’t look at the food as junk or fast, knowing how these chickens grow and what it takes to get them to market weight.  We invest not just money but time into the company that produces the product we receive.  I feel appreciated as a customer, and I am appreciative of the people who produce the product.  There is no middle man taking his cut.  There isn’t a slick marketing department trying to get Q3 numbers up.  It is about as pure as you can get in a transaction.

In a world of giant company’s who own everything, have made food like products and put a crap-ton of “natural flavoring” into our foods, I know when I bring home a cooler of chicken or pork, it was produced honestly, with hard work.


If you are interested in what’s going on with your store bought chicken google “white striping” and you will see it in every pack of “fresh” chicken breasts at the grocery store.