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Meat birds are out

I can breathe again==they are 3 weeks old.

IMG_0636 IMG_0637Gotta get these birds fattened up so we can get them in the freezer by Memorial day weekend.

Garden 2017

We don’t have a truck or a tiller, but we have friends who want to help us in our desire to grow our own food.  So my boss Robin let me use her tiller for a couple weeks to get the garden started for the year.


Yea! Not easy work and I am sure we are doing it the hard way, but we will have better luck this year with the grass gone.




We have two brooders going at once


These are the birds formerly known as the little birdsIMG_0574

This one is very curious, might be a rooster.


These are the meat birds.  We might go get half a dozen more, since they have them at Tractor Supply Company.  Memorial Day weekend will be processing day here.