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Worms don’t like carrots

Should be the title of a children’s book, but it is the reality of our worm bin. I don’t know if it’s because carrots are a bit dry or they aren’t easy to eat. Need to find something better for them to snack on this weekend. Maybe some broccoli or artichoke leaves. It looks like they are doing okay.

You would think there would be a smell associated with the bin, but it really just smells like dirt.

1000 worms now live in our pantry

This is not an April Fool’s day prank. We got the worms Wednesday. (Who knew you could just send a box of live worms thru the USPS.) We poured a cup of water on Thursday to keep them moist. Worm Factory 360 arrived today as I was leaving for work. Boomer and Madigan were kind enough to wait for me to come home to see all the wormy action. Here are some pictures of the process of setting it up.

A very happy little girl!

A decision has been made

We can not do conventional composting. We don’t have the space between our living space and the compost. The amount of food scraps vs yard waste, we have little to no yard waste or brown material to put in with the food. Our compost would end up being a container of wet rotting food…add in swarms of fruitflies and well, it’s not happening 2 feet from my door.

So in researching all the options, tumbling composters, rolling, super fancy/decorative composters we have decided to go with an unconventional solution.

We will be using worms to compost our food. They are a natual solution to our food scrap problem. WORMS, WORMS, WORMS. Madigan will have 1 cat, 1 fish and 1000 worms as her pets. Cool thing about the worms, a pound of worms can consume 1/2 pound of food scraps per day. And the castings turns into rich natual compost for the plants.

I am not sure if I will be in charge of the worm bin, that might be a job for the husband. I am hopeful that I won’t turn into a little girl and screech and run out of the room when they show up. If so it will make for a funny video.