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New addition to the kitchen

I have wanted a dutch oven for a while but haven’t felt like it was a NEED.  When my mom started making homemade bread in one, the want moved up a little higher on the list.  So for an early birthday present this arrived on our doorstep!



Thanks mom, it’s perfect, not to big, not too small.  Pretty and useful.  I can’t wait to figure out all the the things I can make in it.

Could become my favorite cooking vessel.

snow day lunch


Since Madigan has been home 8 of the last 10 school days, she has been getting tomato soup and grilled cheese.  But she likes the grilled cheese cut up into little croutons to toss in the soup.


New Year’s Eve

As always we have a New Year’s Eve party for the three of us.  Usually it involves hats and food.  This year was no different.

IMG_6767 IMG_6778

I am trying new appetizers to get ready for Superbowl Sunday.  I made 4 new ones.  Two were BIG HITS, and the other two were good, but might not make the cut.  Always with the wings, and of the 3 variety, the BBQ was the best.  Still need to get a couple more flavors perfected.

What are you doing?

Sometimes when my mom calls she asks that, yesterday I said everything and I wasn’t kidding.

Pepper and Onion Relsih

IMG_6150 IMG_6151

Getting the chicken broth strained and put in the freezer.

IMG_6152 IMG_6153

Making spaghetti  sauce

IMG_6155 IMG_6154

And when I had 5 minutes to sit, I was knitting.  A friend is having a baby and I am knitting a blankie.  I just wanted to see what pattern I was going to do.  I think I am going to do the checker board…making each square about 16 stitches wide.  Should be cute without getting to fussy about it.


You might think I have today to relax, but its a chicken day, so again no rest for the wicked!

Good Food Good Chili

While the markets last I am going to start making something from each vendor, just to spotlight what they do and who they are.  So I start with Good Food Good People .  One of the larger vendors at the Grandin Farmers market.  Who they are in their own words

Founded in 1996, Good Food – Good People (GFGP) provides locally grown and produced food to retail and wholesale buyers in Southwest Virginia. GFGP represents over 50 producers of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, pasture-raised frozen meats, free-range eggs, farm cheeses, breads and baked delicacies, value-added foods and lots more.

They also have a CSA, are very active at all the markets in the area,  They are clear and transparent about where the food was grown, how it is grown, low spray, no spray, Non-GMO, grass-fed.  It makes choices easier.  It also gives customers a chance to taste the difference for themselves.

For me GFGP is more like the grocery store, where I can get meat, cheese, produce, honey, jams, pasta.  I like the variety.  They also allow pre orders for bulk produce.  If I want to order a half bushel of pickling cucumbers, they will have a box ready for pick up at several locations.  It is a service that I truly appreciate.

To kickoff this recipe thing I start with chili.  My recipes are loose, and measurements are optional.

Good Food Good Chili

As you can see I bought a pound of ground beef, three onions, and a few peppers.


Then with a little butter sauteed the chopped veggies


I added canned tomatoes from the garden and tossed in some of my jalapeno peppers. I browned up with beef, added garlic, salt and chili powder.  I cooked on low for a couple hours.  You could let it cook down in the crock pot too.  Not sure why, but we have gotten away from beans in the chili, but you can add whatever you want.


I like to make enough for a couple meals.  Madigan and I do a Cincinnati style chili, over pasta with cheese.  Boomer just wants a spoon and some Tabasco. And with all chili, it’s better the second day, so I park it in the fridge over night, then reheat the next day.


Deviled eggs with dilled veggies



If you have ever seen me at a party and offered me deviled eggs I have always said no.  For years I have had issues with hard boiled eggs.  Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be around me after an egg salad sandwich.  A co worker once told me that fresh eggs don’t create that problem.  Slowly I have been testing the theory.  It’s true.  I have to be motivated and in a very calm  peaceful place to do hard boiled eggs, since they can be difficult to peel.  I have tried baking soda, ice water, vinegar, begging–but found that steaming the eggs make for easier peeling.  These were all the baby eggs, making them bite sized and, with the dilled veggies, very tasty.  (it is similar to the eggs they made at the fancy Heritage Chicken Dinner at local roots)

Baby potatoes

So my friends as Catawba Meadow Farm grow these potatoes and dig them up when they are still small.  I mean small.  Think the size of a lima bean or peanut.  Roast them up with olive oil, scrapes and a pinch of salt and they are perfect!