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CSA bag 14

This weeks bag is very colorful–onions, bell pepper, beats, beans, tomatoes, parsley, squash, eggplant and jalapenos. I am using the hot peppers to heat up the salsa for folks who want it hotter. I think eggplant parmesan might be in order on friday night. And maybe I will try harvard beets.

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Making pickles

We are lucky where we live to have a great farmer’s market and awesome vendors. One of the vendors is Good Food Good People. They bring in a variety of produce, meat, dairy and homemade items. They also have bulk produce order. These are the people who I got my giant bag of corn from and boxes of potatoes. I like that they encourage their customers to buy in bulk — they promote food saving and canning.

I preordered cucumbers for pick up today so I could make pickles. We got a 30 pound box along with 3 pounds from another stand. 33 pounds of cukes is over 100. I washed, trimmed and sliced 2/3 of the cucumbers.

I started around 4 and was done about 7. I ended up with 3 quarts of dill spears, 2 quarts of dill chips, 6 pints of spears, 2 hot spears, 3 half pints of chunks. We did some in the fridge to eat in a few weeks and processed most in the canner for consumption in a couple months.

I really enjoy canning, maybe not the last 15 minutes before you are done and just want it to be over, but taking the time to prepare this food, being aware of the seasons, planning for winter. It makes those last 15 minutes worth it.

CSA bag 13

This week we got lettuce, celery, beans, peppers, squash, tomatoes and scallions.

We also got some homegrown tomatoes and squash from my friend Celia.

We are set for the week!

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Meat CSA

We got our CSA bundle which included a Freedom Ranger chicken, a pork roast, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, bacon, ham steak.

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CSA bag 9

This week we had chard, potatoes (red and yellow), celery, cucumber, zucchini, a little pepper, basil and parsley. My friend from also brought us squash, zucchini and cabbage. What we don’t cook and eat we juice. You would be surprised what zucchini, carrots and oranges taste like together….no really it had a little bit of a banana flavor to it.

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csa bag 8

This week broccoli, beets, basil, lettuce and cucumbers. The bag as you can see is changing and it’s one of the things I love about eating with the seasons. The greens and lettuces will be gone, and more squash and tomatoes will appear.

I have to say working this later shift at night (this is my last week) I have noticed we fall back into easier, just reheated food. I am the only one who really cook around here, so Boomer wouldn’t be able to just whip something up with the last of the scapes, zucchini and sqaush. Some of the items haven’t been eaten by a human. We took some stuff out to the pigs at Bramble Hollow and other foods that haven’t been consumed have gone to the worms. Keeping that in mind, if you are a busy family who doesn’t have time to wash, cut, chop and cook/prepare fresh foods, than a CSA is not really for you.

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CSA bag 6

Another Tuesday means another CSA bag. The bags are starting to change. We got broccoli, Chinese cabbage, chard, lettuce, scapes and green onions. We also got some green and yellow squash. I like when we start getting the new veggies. We will say good bye to scapes and the green onions soon, but that just means tomatoes are right around the corner.

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Our Meat CSA

It was not a hard decision to sign up for our meat CSA this year. We love Brent and Anna out at Bramble Hollow Farms, so getting a bundle from them once a month was a no brainer.

After visiting and catching up with Anna and making a fuss over the new addition to their family, I picked up my cooler and headed home. On the way out of the farmers market I saw Brent and Jack, got a hug (that never happens at Kroger) and headed home to see what great things were in the cooler.

In no particular order we received a dozen eggs, a heritage breed chicken, breakfast sausage, Italian sausage, chorizo, ribs, uncured bacon and a new flavor of sausage which I think has ginger and corriander in it, but I am certain will be great.

This will be the second year of getting food from Bramble Hollow and as I have said before it really is like getting food from family. It is a wonderful way to support a family I like, a business I believe in and a product I love. You can’t get better than that! If you are near Virginia and need a good farm family to buy from you can’t go wrong with Bramble Hollow!

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CSA bag 3

One of the things I am loving about eating with the seasons, is just as you are starting to get sick of a certain thing other things start coming in. In this weeks bag we have radishes, broccoli, green onions, Red and yellow chard, spring greens and 2 kinds of lettuce. I love having the greens, but there are LOTS of them. So I take some to work and share with folks who like them. Also, I have given most of the radishes away, except this week I ate one. It wasn’t as “hot” as I thought it would be, most radishes I have had are hot. I think I might keep 2 next week.

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CSA bag 1

You remember last year when I posted a picture of our CSA bags from Seven Springs, well it’s that time of year again. And I couldn’t be happier.

I know, not a HUGE haul, but it’s just the beginning. We got spring greens, two kinds of lettuce, bok choy, radishes and scallions. As you remember from last year, I am not a radish fan so I sent them home with my friend Vanessa to take to her mom. I have a few other takers if need be. I am mixing the greens with the lettuce and adding some spinach. Using the scallions for the dressing. I am putting the bok choy in the indian simmer sauce tonight.

It the start of things to come.

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