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More on the topless tomatoes

The danggone deer are are getting into the other garden, the one with the tomatoes that are turning red.




I found two tomatoes that had bites out of them…that’s it just bites, they didn’t eat them, just put their teeth in and moved on…jerks.



We are going to retreat the yard with hair, soap, cayenne pepper and castor oil. If that doesn’t work off to the game warden and getting a kill permit.

topless tomatoes

When I went out to let out the chickens this morning, I do my normal walk around the gardens, to find this.





Not too sure what I am going to do. I didn’t see this in the other garden. I suspect a deer. Have been trying to combat the deer with humane non-chemical options. If they take all of our tomato plants out I don’t know if I will keep that attitude.


In the immortal words of Josh Thomas from The Bit Block, BUG OFF! It’s from a video that Madigan likes of Josh and his friends playing Animal Crossing City Folk during the bug contest. But it’s not all fun and games in the garden when these little pests start popping out of their eggs.

I hated the stink bugs when they are just crawling around, now that they have decided to leave their babies in our backyard, on my tomato plants. I found 3 clusters of these SOBs. Today I just cut off the offending leaf and tossed it, tomorrow, it will be a dip in a bleach bath. I have put too much time into these plants to just give them over to these, these, these….stink bugs. If you know of any solutions, please leave a comment or send an email. I will even give you credit for your brilliance!

So for now, until I come up with a solution to permanently get rid of these pests I say….BUG OFF!

Holey pepper leaves

I noticed the one pepper plant that is doing well has holes in the leaves.

Today when I was out there watering, I found this guy going to town on my leaves.

I flicked him off. I’m sure he will be back.

Who invited the slug?

Found this little guy in the pot that hold the first 4 onions and some lettuce that I have given up on. I picked him out just cause. Not sure which “pests” are good and which are bad. I am sure I will learn.