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I know I am going to regret this

but I am letting the bunnies stay.  What choice do I have, when this is what you see?!?



I didn’t get any closer cause I didn’t want to bother them.  Now sure where mama was, but that have good coverage under my pepper plant, if they need more they can go deep into the tomato plants.


Still don’t know what this weed is called, but I decided the best way to take care of it is to just pull it.  So double and triple up the gloves and pull away.  The root looks like a turnip and there are these thorny, sticky clusters of pain.


My plan now is to pull them out before Boomer mows.



My big disappointment these days, the potato patch.  It was rushed, sloppy, not maintainted.  Every morning I walk by it with shame.  I should try to be better, care more, take more time, and then I just don’t.  There is always something more pressing, more interesting.  I want to just have Boomer take the weed whacker to it…and if the neighbor, who’s window looks out at the mess, hadn’t given us the seed potato I would.  My choice work on it…or just continue to hate it.


What weed is this?

It is awful…terrible…I call it a name I can’t repeat here, because when you try to pull it out you discover that it has stickers (and not the fun kind) all in it.  I am trying to find another way to kill it — so where between pulling and using chemicals.  Any ideas, email me