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Where Some Grocery Store Eggs Come From

Below you’ll find a disturbing undercover video from the Humane Society. The footage was shot
at Kreider Farms in Pennsylvania and it graphically shows the horrific living conditions of some seven million
egg-laying hens.

Videos like this are why the big ag companies are making huge campaign contributions to get legislation passed that makes it illegal to record video or take photos at factory farms. It’s essential to their profits that this kind of stuff is kept out of public view.

They don’t want consumers thinking, “wait, how many freakin’ chickens are crammed in that one cage?”. Or “ewww what’s wrong with that bird’s beak? It looks like somebody just cut the end of it off.”

No, they just want consumers to think, “ooohh…this egg carton says it has a bunch of omega 3. I saw on the Today show that that’s good for you.”

Click here to buy eggs from a local farmer.

General Mills: Outnumber Hunger or Outsell Last Quarter?

General Mills is partnering with Feeding America to sell more food.

The multi-national food giant with over 100 brands is putting some country singers on its packaging as part of the “Outnumber Hunger” campaign. They say their goal is to help raise awareness of hunger in the United States, but is there really any food buyer who isn’t aware of hunger in this country?

Over 60 million specially marked packages of everything from Lucky Charms to Bisquick to Green Giant to Betty Crocker will be available for purchase. Each will have a code that you enter on their promotional website. After you enter your code, you get to download a free song. Of course, the site specifically states that your selection of artists and songs is subject to availability. Translation: don’t expect to download the hits.

General Mills will give 65 cents for every code that’s entered by March 1, 2013. They’ve set a limit of $2.1 million for their donation to Feeding America. For the fiscal quarter that ended on February 26, 2012, General Mills had a net profit of $391.5 million so they really have to watch every million they give to charity for the tax benefits.

Call me crazy, but I don’t believe buying unhealthy, highly-processed, heavily-subsidized edible widgets is going to help fight hunger. Oh sure, it’ll help sell more Totino’s Pizza Rolls and it’ll probably help Rascal Flatts sell more copies of their “Changed” album, but this campaign will not keep families from going hungry.

I say skip the food industry gimmicks and give directly to your local food pantry.

And try to give the most healthy foods possible. With so many families consistently relying on food banks each day, why can’t we feed the hungry perishable food? I wonder how many fridges Feeding America could buy with General Mills’ $2.1 million? Oooh now that might actually make a difference!

Tomatoland and why I won’t eat tomatoes in January

It was tough getting into Barry Estabrook first few chapters of Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit, a book I bought to read while on vacation in Florida last August. I am glad I didn’t read it there, because our vacation would have turned into a research project. The more I read about the working conditions and the unfair practices of the farm bosses, the more upset I get. I am glad I have chosen to eat with the seasons where I live, it sits well with me. I don’t think I will buy another store bought tomato ever.

Politics aside — I feel all workers should be treated fairly and humanely.

It’s such a multifaceted issue and you can’t talk about illegal farm workers and not talk politics. People complain about the price of EVERYTHING and if the workers were able to make a living wage, the price of tomatoes would sky rocket. I have so many feeling about it, I am certain that anything I would say could potentially get me into an argument. I can say one thing, the tomatoes at the grocery store taste like $#!t. If given a choice between buying tomatoes that were picked by workers who are essentially indentured servants (slaves) or not having tomatoes in the winter, I will pass on the BLT.

This is a video posted to introduce you to a problem I didn’t even know existed.

The Alliance for Fair Food (AFF) is a network of human rights, religious, student, labor, sustainable food and agriculture, environmental and grassroots organizations who work in partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), an internationally-recognized human rights organization working to eliminate modern-day slavery and sweatshop labor conditions from Florida agriculture.