Broadview Ranch was a hit!

We headed out to the ranch after school, I sat in the back with Madigan and the cooler. She did homework and got a good chunk of it done by time we pulled in. When we got there Carol was standing holding the lead of a horse and a few dogs met us. Jack being the most friendly. We got a display of the type of horse training they do out there, it was very cool.

We hopped into the truck to get a tour. I was worried about how muddy our shoes were, Carol laughed and said its a farm truck. Madigan wanted to get buckled in, but Carol pointed out that we arent gonna be on the road so she didn’t have to. It was the first time Madigan has ridden in a vehicle without seatbelts, booster or car seat. We first met up with the chickens. She got a quick lesson in holding a chicken.

This picture makes me so happy. Our little daughter getting to experience things that we didn’t get to as a kid. I can only remember seeing chickens and farm animals at the fair. The box (I am sure it has a name) where the chickens lay the eggs had been cleared out before we got there, but we were lucky to be able to find one and Carol let us have it. I am cooking it right now for breakfast.

We loaded back in the truck after shooing away some chickens in the bed, and went out to see where and how the cows live.

We learned about how they rotate the herd, how they are identified and saw a calf that had been born the night before. I was neat to see how the truck and Jack worked together, I thought for sure we had run over the dog more than once but then he would pop up over on the other side. Carol sent Jack to move the herd. One of the cows was not having any of it and tried to whack him with his head, but ended up going where Jack wanted. Dog-1 cow-0.

I would like to say that we were in a pasture, with cows and cow poop, but it didn’t stink. If you have ever driven around and get hit with the smell of a catle farm you know what I mean. It was just one of the differences we noticed that made this ranch better than we expected.

We headed over another ridge to get a look at the pigs. Again I have really only seen pigs in pens at the fair, cleaned up and ready to get a blue ribbon. The pigs are rotated every 10 days, giving them lots of room to root and run. Broadview Ranch gets the piglets when they are 50 pounds. These guys were about 450. Carol said when the pigs get to the ranch their feet have only ever touched concrete.

We got back to the farm store, bought some meat, she sent us home with a dozen eggs.

We will let you know about the flavor and taste. FYI–I just ate my egg sandwich from the egg Madigan pulled out of the box. I think I need to eat one that doesn’t have pepper and on bread to see if I can taste the difference. If you want to read an article about this very thing from a professional writer, click here.