Road Trip

We are heading up to Lexington after school today to tour a farm and buy some grass fed beef. Broadview Ranch does deliveries into Roanoke, so we could have a supplier of the beef we would like to start eating. Since most cattle are grain fed the meat has a flavor that we are familar with. I have heard people say that grass fed beef tastes different, and not in a good way. I know that grass-fed cattle have less fat and fat makes things taste good. Also with that, if someone likes well done steak I could see how that would be a tougher piece of meat.

Before we go out and buy a side of beef we want to try the beef. See if we even really like it. I know we liked the flavor of the Wright Bros beef. Tonight we are having pork chops from Martin Farms in Fincastle. We will have the spinich that we bought in Floyd and add…..not sure yet,but I am sure it will be great.