Seeds, glorious seeds!

A combo of buying seeds at the Coop and mail order directly from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, I think we have a good variety of seeds, some for cool temperatures, some that do well in the shade, and some that need sun and heat. I am hoping to keep enough active interest to keep interested.

I am looking forward to planting more seeds this weekend. We started some onions, which had sprouted in the bag, so I am looking to save those for seed to start onion sets for next year (I am planning on a next year). Got one container outside with lettuce seeds. Started the Cherry tomatoes and cosmos inside.

This weekend will get the carrots, roma tomatoes, spinach and butter crunch lettuce, peppers, and some herbs started. I decided to do the peppers in the topsy turvy planter. I have read that they do better in that type of planter than the tomatoes. We are trying to use all the space we have available.

Been waking up in the middle of the night thinking about all this. Will the tomatoes get enough sun? Should we raise the table higher? Needless to say, I am very excited about the idea of feeding my family from just a few feet away.