Sprouts in the worm bin

Before we got the worm bid we did a lot of research about composting. Most of our meal are homemade, and whenever possible we get the fresh vegetables so we generate a good amount of scraps. Even with only putting out three good meals a week I can still fill two 5 cup containers. Last week we gave the worms a bunch of cantaloupe rinds and the guts from the middle. A few of the seeds sprouted on the left side.

The sprouts are a good sign. Consensus on line is the moisture, temperature and Ph levels are optimal, proof that the bin is doing well. We did give them a good amount of food last week since the poor things had to eat carrots for two weeks straight. All of the recognizable rinds were gone, but there were seeds left, and I know the worms go for the easy stuff first. Boomer likes to get one of the worms to make sure they look good, and this one did.

I am always worried the bin will have too much fluid in the base, but when I lifted up the worm bin from the base it looks like we have some compost. I am sure most of it is just the coconut shell core that came with package to put in the bedding, but the stuff in the back looks darker, more like dirt and that is what want.

They got more cantaloupe rinds, a few mushrooms and some artichoke leaves. Let’s see how they do with that.