Farmer’s Market

So most local food loving folks will be going out to their farmer’s market to pick up in season produce grown in their area. Me, I’m going to work. I work every Saturday 9-3, EVERY Saturday. So if I want to participate I have to get a new job. Sure, I can leave at 7:45 to get the market by 8 to then get to work by 9. What I am concerned about is getting there before the vendors do, or even worse, getting there, waiting for them to show up and the one vendor I want to by from shows up as I am driving off.

Instead I shop at a produce stand. I know they bring stuff up from North Carolina and Georgia which for the most part out of our 100 mile range, but is better then the stuff they truck in from California at the grocery store. I have a few outlets for my love of local food, I am doing what I can, where I can except on Saturday from 9-3.