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Veggies for the worms

When I am chopping and cleaning our veggies, I have two stages. Stage one, getting the food ready for us.

Stage two is chopping and sorting for the worms. Their food looks just a good as ours.

Our first “harvest”

Small? Yes, but there are 100 more where this came from. I think they needed to stay on the vine another day or so, still a little tart.

Madigan said to leave her red tomatoes on the vine.

CSA Tuesday (week 12)

We got a GREAT bag yesterday from Seven Springs–peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, basil, lot of beets, squash, beans, and got another dozen ears of corn.

I am going to freeze this batch of corn. Boomer is certain we can tackle canning and it is not beyond “us”. I am going to can some peaches this weekend, with the water bath method. I like the cooking part, I think he likes the lo-tech technology part.

Tomorrow night Madigan and Boomer will have an all local dinner without me. When we first started this I saved all the good local stuff for when I was home. Now we only have local meat, and I hope to keep it that way, and all the sides came from local farms. I made succatash of sorts, corn and squash. I used the sweet corn from last week. It’s really good. And we got beans I washed them and put them in the steamer bag. Hamburgers from Broadview.


In the immortal words of Josh Thomas from The Bit Block, BUG OFF! It’s from a video that Madigan likes of Josh and his friends playing Animal Crossing City Folk during the bug contest. But it’s not all fun and games in the garden when these little pests start popping out of their eggs.

I hated the stink bugs when they are just crawling around, now that they have decided to leave their babies in our backyard, on my tomato plants. I found 3 clusters of these SOBs. Today I just cut off the offending leaf and tossed it, tomorrow, it will be a dip in a bleach bath. I have put too much time into these plants to just give them over to these, these, these….stink bugs. If you know of any solutions, please leave a comment or send an email. I will even give you credit for your brilliance!

So for now, until I come up with a solution to permanently get rid of these pests I say….BUG OFF!


For christmas Madigan got a “grow your own watermelon” kit that was bought at a craft/hobby store. It was a thoughtful gift, and Madigan wanted to start that seed on December 26th. Once we started thinking about growing plants and deciding to grow without Monsanto, the kit became an issue. She wanted to grow a water melon and I didn’t want to use the kit. So we swapped out the seeds and the “growing material” that came with the kit and just used the cute plastic “greenhouse” it came with. It is growing just fine, I am not holding my breath for a 6 lb sugar baby, but I do like the look of it. The warmer it gets the better it does.

Freezing corn

Polly at Seven Springs offered corn as an add on. Since I barely had even an ear of fresh corn last year, I want to buy it every chance I get. I had also picked up 6 ears at Ikenberry’s on Sunday. So when I found myself with 18 ears of corn, I had to do something other than just start eating.

I am not at the canning stage of life yet–I am still researching if I want to consider maybe one day canning. In the research I found this site for freezing corn. It seemed pretty straight forward, and after 2 trips to the store, one for Ziplock Vacuum freezer bags and the other for ice, I was ready to shuck some corn.

Canning seems like it has upfront costs. I mean that tong/can grabber thing, the bubble remover, some sort of acid, cans, rings lids. Then there is my concern that I would screw it up, after laying out tens of dollars, can something that would make my family sick. Until I make my decision on the pressure cooker canner thing, I might have a pan big enough for me to do the water bath canning thing to help me decide if I even want to can.

I realized I don’t have any really HUGE bowls for the cooling off process, so I pulled out the roaster. There aren’t many unitaskers in the kitchen but I did buy this pampered chef corn thing. I don’t love it, but it did make easy work of the whole process.

From 18 ears of corn, we all had some with dinner and we have 5 bags in the freezer with 2 cup servings inside.

Let’s see if it holds up or even lasts till winter.

Recipe 12 and 13 from You Can Trust a Skinny Cook

I decided to make recipe 12 Roasted beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts from Allison Fishman’s You Can Trust a Skinny Cook

and recipe 13 Popovers.

Along with a recipe for flank steak turned into this dinner.

Boomer was half startled that he liked the beets so much. Madigan still not a huge fan, I think all the talk about what beets do after the fact has her a little put off. The beets, goat cheese, milk, butter, beef, parsley, flour and eggs were all local.

I tried to explain to Boomer what I like to much about this cookbook, it gives me the encouragement to make things I have never cooked before and have never even eaten. The recipes are not too daunting and doable for a happy home cook like myself. Thanks again Allison!

I like mom’s gluten-free fried chicken

I really liked mom’s gluten-free fried chicken when she made it. It was so good. I can’t believe it was gluten-free! I also tried a blackberry yesterday! I liked it. Sadly though, some of them (even coated in sugar) were tart. Really tart. I am helping mom out with the garden. It looks great! We have little budding tomatoes, and I have some on mine to! Even if they are not GMO plants, they can still grow!