Recipe 12 and 13 from You Can Trust a Skinny Cook

I decided to make recipe 12 Roasted beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts from Allison Fishman’s You Can Trust a Skinny Cook

and recipe 13 Popovers.

Along with a recipe for flank steak turned into this dinner.

Boomer was half startled that he liked the beets so much. Madigan still not a huge fan, I think all the talk about what beets do after the fact has her a little put off. The beets, goat cheese, milk, butter, beef, parsley, flour and eggs were all local.

I tried to explain to Boomer what I like to much about this cookbook, it gives me the encouragement to make things I have never cooked before and have never even eaten. The recipes are not too daunting and doable for a happy home cook like myself. Thanks again Allison!