Family Reunion

I married a man who’s grandmother has a lot of sisters. There is a family reunion every August (actually there are a few each year) that we get to attended since we live in Virginia now. As much as I love to cook for my little family, I know my cooking isn’t for everyone. So when the reunion rolls around, I start worrying about what to take. We are not the youngest generation there, but we are not expected to bring anything. Which is exactly what we brought last year…maybe we did bring something, I know Madigan brought jelly bread.

Side note about Madigan-I really do love making her happy, so when she asks me to do something that is completely doable, I do it.

When my mother in law mentioned the family reunion, I told her I wasn’t sure what I was gonna bring Madigan blurted out ham or ribs. I love my ham, I have loved it my whole life when it was my mom’s ham. Problem is with choosing to get our meat locally, from farms who treat the animals humanely, getting a ham (think typical easter/sunday supper ham) is harder and more expensive. We could get a boston butt and cook it like I do a ham, but don’t want to try and new recipe that I need to take to 40 or 50 people. So ribs it is.

Another side note about Madigan-She calls them my ribs. “Make your ribs mom.” I feel like a fraud, they aren’t my ribs, they are You Can Trust a Skinny Cook author Allison Fishman’s ribs.

I follow the recipe to a t to make sure it tastes as good as it did the first time. I wanted this cook book after making a pasta and clam recipe posted on a friend’s website and have made a dozen of the recipes in it. I am stuck on the ribs.

I don’t know if they are going to be my thing. If next year at the reunion people will think “I hope she brings her ribs.” We have moved around so much, that I am not part of the tradition of Shirley brings the fried chicken, Angie brings the deviled eggs, and Jodie brings the ribs. My goal is to leave with the crockpot empty…or maybe not. Maybe I am thinking about this wrong, with them being so good, maybe I don’t want them to get eaten. The more for us theory.

ED–Here’s what we went to the reunion with…

And here’s what we left with.

It was a hit!