Heritage chicken

We are doing all local meat (we are at about 85% with everything else we eat). When we first started the journey to local food chicken was my #1 concern. We do a lot of chicken. Partly due to the cost and it’s kind of easy. Now with the local chicken we are still eating chicken not because of of cost and ease, but because IT IS SO GOOD. The birds at Bramble Hollow Farms look, smell and cook differently. They taste awesome.

This is the heritage breed. Longer and skinnier. We roasted this one on low for a good lone time. Shoved fresh herbs and a couple garlic cloves and two hours later…

I have figured out the hungrier I am the less likely you are to get a picture of the final plate. We had local sweet corn and sweet potato steakhouse fries. It was a wonderful dinner. We didn’t have as much chicken left over from little one, we did have enough to toss on top of a couple salads. The bones are in the freezer to make stock out of another day.