I got my freezer

Friday I was writing a blog post about wanting, dare I say, NEEDING a freezer. I really want to stock up on chicken in October so we have enough to get us through the winter…visions of us being vegetarians come February put the freezer on the front burner. The fridge/freezer we have can hold 4 containers of sauce, the door storage gets packed with veggies, 3 chickens, and enough beef and pork to get us thru about a month.

When we want something, we prioritize it. My big three these days have been small chest freezer, juicer and pressure canner. All over 100 bucks, so it has it be a decision that the whole family can get behind. I looked at all the available stores where we could get the freezer that we wanted. 5.0 cubic feet. Small enough for our apartment, but could hold at least 10 chickens. (I know I am focused on the chicken, but it seems like we won’t have access to chicken from about November thru April.) They all seemed to be priced from 170-220. Not unreasonable, and I felt a great investment in what we are choosing for our life.

We headed over to Home Depot, the GE had the best reviews and the price on the lower end. The sticking point for me was delivery. When Eddie came over and helped us he pointed out how light it was. Even saying he could lift it up using just his thumb. Boomer told me we could handle it. After struggling with the bench seats in the van for a minute or two, made enough room in the back for the little freezer. We bought it and got it home.

It fits nicely in out apartment kitchen. Bramble Hollow will be at the Grandin farmer’s market this weekend, so this will fill up quickly.

And a by product of buying an appliance in a big box?

Something for Madigan to do all afternoon. A house of boxes.