Pampered Chef Kernel Cutter

FAIL! There is a warning on the directions about this sort of thing and I did my best to prevent injury but the dagone thing is impossible to use in a natural or intuitive way. Their claim that it “easily and quickly removes kernals from corn on the cob” is half true, it is quick, but not easy. You have to hold the cob on one side or the other, keeping your hands/fingers no where near the blade, but you can’t get a decent grip on the cob, so you think, I can hold it another way and this happens. I got a small puncture wound the first time I used it, but this one was bad enough for the thing to go into the trash. This is why I can’t be one of those bloggers who gets stuff for free and then writes about it. As unitaskers go, I was skeptical but thought it would make the decorning cobs easier. I am back to using the knife.