I decided to check where we are food wise with our freezer. Here’s what we have left

9 whole chicken
6 lbs of ground beef
3 lbs of chorizo
2 lbs of stew meat
2 lbs of pork sausage
2 packs of sugar cured bacon (1/2 lb each)
1 lb of pork stir fry
1 lb of Italian sausage
1 pack of Ribs (2 lbs)

It seems silly to look at it, but when I plan for next winter I will need to buy more Italian sausage, ground pork and breakfast sausage. It’s good knowing what we have and what we used and if we over bought certain things. Also next year before I have a dozen or so whole chicken frozen into blocks, I will cut half of them up and put them in freezer packs. Much easier to thaw out a pack of two leg quarters then a 5 lb bird that is frozen solid. I have found that we aren’t just baking a whole chicken, except maybe if we have trying to have a nicer, special occasion dinner.

I know I am a little obsessive about the chicken, see we can still get beef and pork easily, I can stop by the market downtown and pick up all kinds of beef and pork. I am trying to make my chicken last.