Monthly Archives: April 2012

Farmer’s Market finds

I know it’s early in the season, but this week was such a great farmer’s market day. Strawberries, raw honey, two different flavors of flat bread, asparagus, greens and spring onions. Have I told you how much I love you farmer’s market!?

Vegan for one month

We went 28 days without animal products (I didn’t give up butter). It was an experiment. We both lost a few pounds. I didn’t have any “tummy trouble” and other than feeling a little draggy when I forgot to take my vitamin B. I will be happy learn about Boomer’s numbers from his blood draw. I think we are going back to eating meat, but just less often than before.

Earth Day

It was a lovely Earth Day celebration down by our farmer’s market. The Millions Against Monsanto folks had a booth where they were making seed bombs. Madigan got her hands dirty while making the mud balls that were stuffed with seeds.

We walked around and got a few things, the favorite were these handmade carrots.

Where Some Grocery Store Eggs Come From

Below you’ll find a disturbing undercover video from the Humane Society. The footage was shot
at Kreider Farms in Pennsylvania and it graphically shows the horrific living conditions of some seven million
egg-laying hens.

Videos like this are why the big ag companies are making huge campaign contributions to get legislation passed that makes it illegal to record video or take photos at factory farms. It’s essential to their profits that this kind of stuff is kept out of public view.

They don’t want consumers thinking, “wait, how many freakin’ chickens are crammed in that one cage?”. Or “ewww what’s wrong with that bird’s beak? It looks like somebody just cut the end of it off.”

No, they just want consumers to think, “ooohh…this egg carton says it has a bunch of omega 3. I saw on the Today show that that’s good for you.”

Click here to buy eggs from a local farmer.

tomato plants

We started the tomatoes (the cherry are in the red pots, and the mortgage lifters are in the green ones) a few weeks ago. The tall ones in the middle are the ones I planted. All the little ones that have sprouted since, I can only assume are the ones that didn’t germinate or are the seeds from tomatoes that were in the worm castings.

I learned last year not to grow too many. If you know of anyone who needs tomato plants let me know.

Our garden so far

We have some basil and parsley started, also some loose leaf lettuce in the long container.


The beans are growing

This is the sunny side of the patio…at least part of the day.