Let me reintroduce myself

We started this blog over a year ago, and I know we have an about us page, I just wanted to reintroduce us. Better living by choice is a blog started by me Jodie — mom, wife, fulltime employee, wanter of better things for my family. I started the blog to keep track of the changes in our life.

We had to make certain changes, cut out gluten due to my husband’s allergy. We had to cut out processed food for the most part, due to my daughters inability to process yellow dye (which I blame on my constant supply of Mountain Dew while pregnant. This is also why she had a peanut intolerance, but she seems to have grown out of that.) Soduim had to be cut down because of this weird inner ear thing I have called Meniere’s. This blog is about making changes as a choice, not our of necessity, like gluten, sodium and yellow dye.

We aren’t 100% on anything but we try. We started small, with milk and dairy. I would say in the summer we are at 85-90% local. We buy meat that is fed non gmo feed, raised by farmers we know, who actually like the animals they are raising and treat them humanely.

I would rather stop at 4 different places to get locally produced food than one stop shopping at walmart. In fact, we haven’t shopped at walmart in about 4 years, we are doing just fine with out them. We trust our local growing community, we believe in CSAs and want better than what the grocery stores have to offer.

Nice to meet you, we are better living by choice!