I saw two things on tv this weekend that bothered me.

1) A news story about people buying local. It was a Consumer Reports story that ran locally. The local TV station ran the B-roll footage from a different city. It was as if the local producer didn’t even think about putting in footage from our over a dozen local markets. I would say that was a fail.

I thought about writing a letter to the TV station saying, “Hey you can show up at any number of markets in town and get great B-roll for your stories of local food.” I didn’t. Looks like I am just as lazy as the producer.

2) There was a travel or cooking show where someone was cooking up a pig cuban style. Who hog cooked, and when they showed the final product they blurred out the pig…like it was something dirty or gross. I didn’t get how you can do a story about roasting a whole pig and then blur out the star of the show.