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Different kinds of food

When I am canning I always make three piles of food.

One for the pigs

One for the worms

And one for us

I enjoy feeding the pigs when we go out to Bramble Hollow farms. Saving two grocery bags of apple cores to take out there on a chicken day, is a fun way to get closer to our food. We have fun feeding them and they seem to like them. Win win

Making room

We ordered 25 lbs sausage from Bramble Hollow and today I have to make room. We have a small freezer and then the top freezer on the fridge. I suppose it won’t be an issue. It is still new to us saving food, it takes a while for the 24 hour grocery store mentality turning to being thoughtful and figuring how much food will we need three to six months from now. September brings us 25 lbs of sweet Italian sausage and October will bring us 20 chicken. Let’s hope there is room for all of it. If not, our place for dinner, everyone is invited.

CSA bag 17

Oh yes we have tomatoes…lots of tomatoes. We also got beets, peppers, basil, dragon tongue beans and eggplant.

When you get tired of making apple butter…

make applesauce

Get a cute helper

We treated the apples this year with the combo of lemon juice and water, it make the apples stay very bight and yellow.

I ran out of cinnamon so this is plain applesauce but look how pretty.

The little jar Madigan took to school for her presentation — it was a list of things one of the items was something you are proud of and she talked about being a local food eater and helping me with canning. (Then of course at lunch someone took out a cup of store bought applesauce and said I am proud of this.)

Apple butter 2012

Friday night we started with this…a bag of not so pretty apples from Ikenberry’s. Roughly 50 lbs of apples for 14 bucks, not bad.

I estimated 40 apples for each crockpot to make apple butter. Lots of this….

Thanks to my mother in law for letting me borrow her crockpot. aww aren’t they cute together.

And the reward, apple butter on toast!

CSA bag 16

This week brought us lettuce, celery, delicata, two types of tomatoes, three types of peppes, zucchini, yellow squash, onions parsley.

This is a tiny pepper.

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We survived

Summers are hard with the working parents. Our babysitter quit before she even started, work schedules were not accommodating and I cried a lot. Thankfully we had a combo of grandma’s both local and out of state, vacation days for mom and dad and 3 weeks of day camp to cover. It was not always perfect but it worked and today was the start of 5th grade.

(her looks orange, but that’s just the CFLs)

If it were up to me I would work from home, or be a stay at home mom/homemaker. Madigan would be home schooled with the extra curricular activities thru Community School. We would live on a farm and sell at the market and and and…

Until then we do what we can, and when that’s not enough we do what we have to just to make it work. With a few bribes and exceptions we get though it. Here’s to a great school year.