There is no excuse for my lack of attention to this blog other than just being lazy. I think 3 of 4 weekends processing apples got to me. And the last weekend nearly put me over the edge. Canning and saving food this time of year can be unending I have learned. Peeling, coring and cutting up apples barefoot (I really need to stop that) for hours at a time makes this 43 year old tired.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the ability to do it, the time, the equipment. My husband and daughter will eat every last drop of apple product I made. I just think I needed to pace myself better. Full time job, making dinner from scratch almost every night, hanging out with my family, during the week, then full blast 6am to 10 in the kitchen on weekend burned me out a little.

I think I will take this weekend to just be lazy, do what I have to do and not much else, heck maybe not even that. Pull out the halloween stuff, go to the market alone, get ready for the marathon that is October thru December for us.

Bring on the laziness!