Coop dreams

Worried about building a coop. We have smart, knowledgable friends who do stuff like this all the time, us…not so much. I can sketch it out, I know what I want, but not sure if I can get that to turn into a viable, reasonable, buildable coop.

What I do know:

It can be redone, fixed or bought if we screw it up.

If we end up with a halfway decent coop, all of our fingers And still married I will consider it a success.

I predict there will be tension, we do things very differently…he’s a lefty.

Have I mentioned, we aren’t “carpentry inclined” … A term I learned when looking at 947,256,209 plans for coops. All but three of those coops required it as a pre-requisit.

My father in law, brother in law and a few friend will be able to help us fine tune any of the rough edges.