Tree trimming

The storm last week pointed out the obvious, one of the trees in our front yard is not very healthy. There were a couple branches that broke off ion this storm, and other previous breaks. Splits in the crotch and other issues means either by choice or another storm this tree will continue to deteriorate.

My father-in-law and brother-in-law came over to help get the branches off the tree that were hanging on. They arrived with saws, ropes and other tree trimming tools.



The decided CHAINSAW.

After a few big thuds the branches were down. We dragged them back to the brush pile. In the winter we plan to rent a chipper and chip it all up, but now, we just add to it.


Tree looking a little thin on top.

Boomer’s grandmother came over as well. It was nice to have her see the place. Zach stayed for dinner. I pulled the kale and chard out of the raised bed, make some greens, along with fried chicken and mashed potatoes.