Learning new skills

Mom’s visits are always a treat, fun for Madigan and a nice break from cooking for me. This year with the new house we have more room to learn skills that my mom is happy to teach. I have tried my hand at sewing before, but due to space and lack of motivation it never stuck. I don’t know if the 3rd times the charm, but mom helped me with the sewing machine I got from Boomer’s grandmother.



She helped me make cloth napkins.

She also got us a grill for a housewarming present. And since we are old-school apartment dwellers we never learned to grill. It was nice that mom was able to share grilling wisdom.



Our last dinner, chicken from Bramble Hollow Farm, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes from my back yard. I love the table cloth mom made for us.


She leaves today and we will miss her. It’s been a great visit with lots of rain, a chicken emergency and a couple of tired days. Next year when she comes back our little homestead will have changed.