Hey kid don’t grow food just buy it at the grocery store

Don’t listen to the talking lion kids.

The king of the jungle wants you to buy all of your vegetables from the grocery story instead of growing your own. Somehow the lion thinks veggies are fresher when they’re shipped thousands of miles than when they’re picked from the garden in your backyard.

Maybe I should start pronouncing the animal “lyin'”.

He is correct that it’s faster to just go buy it and that’s exactly what the grocery store wants you to do.

But he’s wrong about its freshness and he’s not telling you that the stuff you grow has more nutritional value because veggies start losing nutrients the second they’re picked and since the stuff at the store has traveled farther, it’s lost more. He also didn’t mention that because the food you grow hasn’t traveled so far, it’s greatly reduced your carbon footprint, making it better for the environment. I’m guessing because it’s only 30 seconds long, that he also failed to mention that plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. So when you grow them, you’re putting good stuff in the air compared to those polluting trucks hauling grocery store food all over the country. I’m NOT surprised he didn’t tell you that it’s cheaper to grow your own food.

Now I realize that he was created by an advertising agency to sell more groceries, but it still bothers me. I hope that you will encourage those in your life to grow more of their own food.