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So with the half hog we got in the spring, we also got 8 lbs of port fat, which as it turns out is perfect for making lard. It was the coldest day of the year so far yesterday and I decided it was time to make the lard.

It is not a hard process at all.

Step one — get a bunch of pork fat


Step twp — cut up pork fat


Step three — put into crock pot


Step four — render the fat


Step five — strain and put into jars


Step six — let it cool till it becomes white


We got 2 quarts, 2 pints and 1 cup. I am giving the two pints away, saving all the rest of us.

Last trip to the farm for the year

Oh what we wouldn’t do for more freezer space. We got an email from Bramble Hollow about buying half a hog. Our little apartment chest freezer has been able to accommodate most of what we have bought and has served us well. We just can’t do half a hog in the fall, we have all our chickens in there. So after a day or two of trying to see if we could make it work, we had to pass. Anna then said we could buy in bulk what ever she had left. NICE. We sent her our list and out to the farm we went.

I know I say this every time but I love going out there. It’s always fun to see what’s changed, cause something has always changed. In addition to the kids, the cows, the chickens and the pigs, they got a new puppy. See always something different.

We took apple out for the pigs. While the kids were feeding them apples I was struck by how Madigan has grown. She and Jack never seemed too far apart in age, Jack may be more mature, Madigan on the youngish side, but this time it hit me like a ton of bricks.




Just as a point of reference, this is Jack and Madigan last year.

I hope they can still be be friends, hang out, play on those visits out to the farm. And could someone do something about these kids growing up?!?!


Since this year was a bit weird, I haven’t done much canning. No tomatoes, the corn I canned I didn’t LOVE when we ate it. And if I go a year or two without applesause I am okay. We still have jars from last year. But I have to make apple butter. People like it, I give it away as presents, so that’s what I did last weekend.


The dining room turned into canning central. I got some salsa made up too. That’s always a good thing. More canning this weekend. Salsa, not apple butter I have things to do outside of the kitchen this weekend.

what’s the point of raking leaves

As I was outside yesterday, making huge piles of leaves that I was then going to move to another location I kept thinking to myself what’s the point. I will never get up all these leaves. Boomer will come out with the mower tomorrow and mulch them up. Then Madigan came outside.




I love this one

I grew up mostly in Florida and California, so the change of season and leaves falling is still such a novelty. Don’t get me wrong, raking leaves sucks–A LOT, but when you get to see your daughter having fun, makes it suck a little less.

For all of you who didn’t get to see Madigan growing up from day 1…here’s a fall photo when we still count her her age in months…everybody say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.



Remember how green the pictures were on this site. I worried that maybe all that green would be off putting. Well, welcome BROWN.




Instead of raking it all, Boomer got after it with the mower…you know to mulch it up. Still left piles and piles. It is a LOT of leaves, More still coming down. We will have to deal with this till December 1 at least.



it looks a little better. We piled on the garden, will do more on the weekend.