Homemade gifts

So this year we asked Boomer’s brother Zach, and his wife Ashley, if they would be interested in making gifts for each other this Christmas. The text I sent was no money and no gift cards. I know they are both clever and crafty. I mentioned this homemade Christmas idea in October, giving everyone a good amount of time to do what they needed to do. And I think it turned out so great.

When we met up for breakfast at Margaret’s, Zach even mentioned being excited about about the gift exchange. Later we talked about how we all needed to keep in mind it’s the thought that counts. How we really tried to do something that fit each person. It really added some excitement to opening presents. Not just what you were getting, but also what you we were giving.

And serious, they nailed it…even for Madigan. (Which I thought would be the hardest.) But they know our girl loves Star Trek so they made her a great blanket. Cool, cozy and super warm.


For me, beautiful homemade cards, nicer than those 3-D wrapped in plastic ones.




Boomer’s gifts were awesome too: Reinbeer!



And a set of coasters, that combine two of MY favorite things, cocktails and Scrabble!



I know not everyone wants to or can do fun creative homemade gifts. It really made Christmas have a fun feel, gave it an excitement and I am hoping it was fun enough for all the participants that they want to do it again next year.

*I did not take pictures of what we made. Ashley collects tea pots, so I made her a candle in a tea cup. Also Lemon infused and Vanilla infused vodka. And an egg carton garden, with egg shells to start the seeds, and plant markers.