New Year’s Eve

I really have been preparing my whole life for entertaining. I love cooking, making appetizers and dips. Even though we don’t invite people we still party like we have half a dozen guests. Here are the highlights from our New Year’s eve food. Jalapenos poppers, they were a bit hotter than I like, but they were still gone in 20 min.


I made stuffed mushroooms for Madigan.


I like a good spinach and artichoke dip.

I had my first sausage ball at christmas, and wanted to see if I could make them gluten free…they were close, but turned into sausage cakes. Oh gluten you make things so much better.

This is almost the Superbowl menu, minus the wings and shrimp. New Year’s day I am making a ham, an uncured local ham. I am going with a recipe that is very different than what we normally do with a Smithfield ham. Since this one hasn’t been brined, smoked or cured. Also will make black eyed peas, which we have done since Boomer and I got together, greens and rice. All good luck food. We could use a good 2014!