2014 a year of health

so at the beginning of the year I kinda got sucked into the whole new years resolution to loose weight. If you don’t know Boomer and I other than thru this website here is a fun fact, we were both skinny people. I hopped on the huge biggest loser scale at work and was shockingly close to 170. (For anyone who says that’s not heavy, it is for me.) I was right around 100 lbs when I was in my late 20s at my lowest both weight and emotionallly. I was 132 when I got pregnant. I was 156 when I gave birth. I was 146 when I moved here in 2010. So in 4 years I have gained 30ish pounds and that has to stop.

I can’t start eating better or stop getting crazy amounts of treats until after our anniversary, so the Monday after the 3rd I started keeping track. I was gonna do Weight Watchers with a friend at work but I didn’t want to part with 20 to 50 bucks a month to do something that I feel isn’t a team sport with strangers. My pal from work and I decided just to watch our calories. I set myself up for 1200 a day. No alcohol, no unlimited treats, no payday Friday pigout, no more just eating out of the vending machine and the two closest restaurants Wendy’s and McDonalds.

In the mean time my husband went to the Dr and was told he had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, inherited I am sure but made worse by lifestyle. That meant he was now on the good eating band wagon. One week on meds and the pressures are down, we are working on the cholesterol. We are both back in 3 months. We have chronicly low vitamin D.

So far this year he’s lost 5.5 lbs and I lost 6 (but I started before he did). I feel like I have dropped the 6 I gained last year. But at least we aren’t going in the wrong direction.

Here’s to a healthier 2014