More Chicks

If you remember we started last May with 6 Rhode Island Reds. In July something got into the coop and killed a no name bird. We took Elivs out to be processed, he currently resides in the freezer. Buddy just up and left one day, although I might have suspicion that a dog might be involved. And now Floppy is no longer. So of the 6 original birds we have 2 left. Anna and Brent at Bramble Hollow Farms let us take two live birds home on the last chicken day last year, so we have 4 hens…of the 8 total birds we got last year. I take FULL responsibility for two, Elvis and no name. No name because we left a 3 inch gap in the coop, that’s how the raccoon or opossum or whatever got in, Elvis, well, we didn’t need 2 roosters.

After yesterday’s trauma of having to cull an injured bird, we had agreed to get 6 new chicks. We went to the local feed shop and were lucky enough to get 3 RIR and 3 barred rock. They are heritage breed, hardy, good layers and they will blend in with what we already have. The man behind the counter told me they are about 2 weeks old. The reason being a man order 100 chicks for the season and then lost his job.





Could one of these be the new Floppy?

They are cute as can be…Madigan has already names this one Kimono