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I have made the commitment

Certain things are true, and certain things used to be true but you still hold on to that truth, even though it is no longer true.  For the first 30 years of my life I had commitment issues.  Everything I owned could fit into my Toyota tercel.  I moved around like I was running from the law, so laying down roots wasn’t really my thing.


13 years married, a happy healthy 12 year old, finally bought a house, got chickens, I think I am finally ready for the commitment of a life time…ASPARAGUS!


If you don’t know about it, year one…nothing.

Year two, cut and toss out.

Year three, harvest for 7 to 10 day.

Year 4 two week harvest

As you can see it will be a few years before we get asparagus.  When you plant the crowns you literally lay down the roots. Isnt symbolism cool?!?  Since we have time make plans to visit in the spring of 2919, we should have asparagus.

Chicken obsessed

Sorry about all the chicken posts.  We should be able to start plants and gardening, but we still got closed to freeing earlier this week.


I am thinking about getting a little green house, to keep greens throughout the year, and see if starting seeds works better in a green house (past adventures of seed starting, on the apartment windowsill, in the sun room).


School is out in 4 weeks, life is a busy blur between memorial and labor day.



This is the rough barred rock, and this is her good size.  She was low in the pecking order before we got her, but she is a big deal here.  I try and get a shot of the other side of her head, but somehow it’s only this side,  she is like Mariah Carey. (google it if you don’t know about it)

light and dark

We only have two birds left from the original 6 chicks.  Since the birds we name seem to die, we just refer to these two as light and dark.


One of them could be Liz Lemon…but since you can’t see the scar we can’t prove it.

Chicks are growing up

They have been out with the big birds since they escaped in the sun room. IMG_5223 IMG_5229 There seems to be enough room for all the birds. IMG_5231 The big birds leave the little ones alone for the most part.  Like when the littles find the perfect spot for a dust bath. IMG_5241 IMG_5242 Then the big birds come over and run them off. IMG_5244 It took a few weeks for the barred rock to adjust to the flock, and now they are besties.  The little ones biggest problem now is waiting a minute of two for the bigs to roost and then they go in the coop.  If they try and go in too soon, the run them off.

brooder break out

When I got home from work, I thought it was going to be like any other day.  I will get out of the car, close the garage door, stop by and see the chicks, go inside and make dinner.  As soon as I opened the door to the sun room I noticed something was a little off.


I am not the best house keeper but I generally like to keep the poop to a minimum.  I was able to put it together and realized the chicks busted out of the brooder.  Weird thing was I could only find 5.

IMG_5188 IMG_5187

The door was locked and I couldn’t figure out any other way out, and the missing bird wasn’t making any sound…not a peep.  After I got the 5 fugitives back in the brooder, I had to find Houdini.


There s/he is, between the extra propane tank and the grill.  I thought one day you will be ON the grill if you keep acting up.

IMG_5191 IMG_5193

I want them out of the sun room, they are messy and stinky and create this dust, that covers everything.

The run is done

We needed a top for cover, all the stuff we found at the store seemed too heavy, but we had a yard sign from a past election, and it was the perfect size.  Love to recycle!


The big birds really didn’t care at first.


Then a little more interested.


These are the last two of the original 6 we got last year.


The little birds are still very jumpy and crazy, there is something to be said about getting the birds when they are a day old.



We are going to try and get them out there every day or two need to fatten them up a little more, they need to get a little bigger before we let them out.

Chicken Run/brooder

The chicks are getting almost too big for the brooder, and it is still too cold at night for them.  So we made a run for them to get out with the big bird protected, and a brooder for next year, if we get the chicks early again, and need to wait for warmer weather.


We have to add a hatch/door on top to be able to grab them up when we need to put then in the little brooder at night.  I just want them out there, get the bigger birds comfortable seeing them and not peck them to death the first day.  I am hopeful we can get then out there this weekend.