Last chicken day at the farm for the spring

I don’t exactly know when we started helping out at the farm, but one thing we expect is something will be different, an improvement or change to the chicken shack, the processing or like this time, new labels.  Not that I didn’t enjoy trying to write on wet bags with sharpies, don’t get me wrong, I am stubborn but these new labels are both beautiful and super functional.


Everything you need all in one place, phone number if you have questions and a perfect writing area for the weight and cost of the bird.  It is great seeing how our friends at Bramble Hollow Farm continue to improve the experience for it’s customers.  The chicken couldn’t be any better.  And for the record, yes 20 bucks for a chicken is reasonable, and yes it is MORE than worth it.


Then I bring them home and put them in vacuum sealed bags. To protect from freezer burn.  With the birds we buy in the spring that is less likely, cause they will be gone by September, but the ones we get in September, those have to last till June.


I know you might not live in Southwest Virginia and might not be able to get chickens from Bramble Hollow but you can find local chicken in your area, you can always go to Local Harvest to find a farmer in your area.  Or you can do what I did and find the nice lady at the farmers market and buy your first pastured chicken.