Deviled eggs with dilled veggies



If you have ever seen me at a party and offered me deviled eggs I have always said no.  For years I have had issues with hard boiled eggs.  Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be around me after an egg salad sandwich.  A co worker once told me that fresh eggs don’t create that problem.  Slowly I have been testing the theory.  It’s true.  I have to be motivated and in a very calm  peaceful place to do hard boiled eggs, since they can be difficult to peel.  I have tried baking soda, ice water, vinegar, begging–but found that steaming the eggs make for easier peeling.  These were all the baby eggs, making them bite sized and, with the dilled veggies, very tasty.  (it is similar to the eggs they made at the fancy Heritage Chicken Dinner at local roots)